Senior Portraits

Senior year is the busiest year of a parent's life. Helping to guide your child out into the world on their own is no easy task! College, jobs, military, FAFSA, cap and gown, grad party, yearbooks, and Senior Portraits... It's enough to make your head spin! 

Well rest easy about the Senior Portraits because you have come to the right place. I strive to make the Senior Portrait Experience as painless as possible for both parents and students.

I like to make my Senior Portrait Sessions as unique as possible. I want your child's personality and hobbies to shine through their images. I have done a wide variety of images to incorporate many aspects of different Seniors' lives from jetskis to the courthouse and every thing in between! I don't mind crazy requests... after all, Senior Portraits only happen once in a lifetime!

I offer two different packages to further simplify the process:

"Just a Few"

This package is very simple! For those who just want a few nice ones for the yearbook and family, this is for you!

Includes: 1 Location, 1 Outfit, 10 Poses, and about 20-30 minutes of time. 

It's that simple! With the limited poses it is much easier to choose which portraits you want to print.


"Unlimited YOU"

This package is, well, unlimited! This package is great for those who have a lot of interests that they want to showcase!

Includes: Unlimited outfits, locations, poses!

One word to describe this package: Unlimited. No need to worry about narrowing down what to bring. Bring it all!


If you're ready to check one thing off the Senior Year list, contact me to plan your Senior Portrait Experience!