Engagements and Weddings

Let me start this off by saying I LOVE WEDDINGS! I've always dreamed of the perfect wedding my whole life. (And then got married at the courthouse! haha) But nevertheless, I've always had weddings on my mind since I was a little girl. That's why I love being a Wedding Photographer now!

Weddings are all so AMAZINGLY different! Each couple makes their wedding day their own through all the little details. The colors, the location, the bridal party, the flowers, the music, the food, the cake (My personal favorite!) all of these things make each wedding it's own event, and I don't think I'll ever get enough of capturing all of those details for each couple. (Plus I love cake... let's not forget that!)

Now, while all of those awesome details I listed are GREAT, they really only last for one single day. When the music stops and the guests go back home and the dress gets hung back up on the hanger, all that will remain is memories. That is why choosing the right wedding photographer is SOOO important! After all is said and done, having amazing images of the big day is priceless! Great wedding images will help the memories live on forever so that they can be cherished with a smile for years to come.

How does one choose the right photographer? Well, each photographer has their own style of shooting and ways of conducting business, so it's important to meet with a few and find one that you are completely comfortable with. Which is why I offer FREE Bridal Consultations! I want you to be able to meet me with no obligations to see if I am the right fit for you!

I offer several packages to custom fit your wedding images to suit your needs! Weddings are never the same, so I don't think my wedding packages should all be the same either! Except for the fact that all of my packages include a complimentary Engagement Session. That's just my way of helping my clients cross things off of their wedding planning lists. 

If you're intrigued enough to meet me and see if I'm the right fit for you, contact me to set up your FREE Bridal Consultation!